The Sad Story of the Painted Lady

In Marriottsville Maryland, many have walked through the halls of Henryton State Hospital, photographed her inner secrets and enjoyed the story her rooms had to tell. In her present condition no one would know what an important part she played in the history of our country and the antiquated practice of segregation.
In 1922 the state erected the first Tuberculosis Sanatorium for African Americans in the United States, Henryton. As tuberculosis rates dropped and she took on new life as a training hospital ” for the severely and profoundly retarded ambulatory residents ages eighteen and over” in ’63 and she served the state until her doors shuttered 1985. The years in between have been hard ones, vandals and scrappers have taken their toll on this poor Lady. Arson and spraypaint have decimated many of buildings, some have just burnt to embers as the firetrucks stood idle with in yards from the blaze.
She may be tattered and torn, rough around the edges, but she still deserves some respect for her history

This site has fallen to the wrecking ball since this visit.

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