Pripyat: Barbarians at the Gate

Our first glimpse of the famed city was of the square. Before the disaster, this would have been bustling with citizens day and night. The square included fountains, housing blocs and even a nightclub. We will visit those areas later
Founded in February 1970, this was the ninth Soviet nuclear city. It was designed to be a place where the workers of Chernobyl could live and play.

Wikipedia reports the following stats:
*Population: 49,400 before the disaster. The average age was about 26 years old.

*Total living space was 658,700 m2: 13,414 apartments in 160 apartment blocks, 18 halls of residence accommodating up to 7,621 single males or females, and 8 halls of residence for married or de facto couples.

*Education: 15 primary schools for about 5,000 children, 5 secondary schools, 1 professional school.

*Healthcare: 1 hospital that could accommodate up to 410 patients, and 3 clinics.

*Trade: 25 stores and malls; 27 cafes, cafeterias and restaurants could serve up to 5,535 customers simultaneously. 10 warehouses could hold 4,430 tons of goods.

*Culture: 3 facilities: a culture palace, a cinema and a school of arts, with 8 different societies.

*Sports: 10 gyms, 3 indoor swimming-pools, 10 shooting galleries, 2 stadia.

Recreation: 1 park, 35 playgrounds, 18,136 trees, 249,247 shrubs, 33,000 rose plants.

*Industry: 4 factories with total annual turnover of 477,000,000 rubles. 1 nuclear power plant.

*Transportation: Yanov railway station, 167 urban buses, plus the nuclear power plant car park of about 400 units.

*Telecommunication: 2,926 local phones managed by the Pripyat Phone company

The first stop was the government building, to the roof to view our adventure for the next three days. Please enjoy!

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