Papa Legba Rule 63


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Of all the rules put out on the internet, Rule 63 is one of the favorites for photographers. Rule 63 is like an alternate world where male characters are female Continue Reading →

By the Power of Greyskull II


I was asked for a little history on this hospital, I do not usually name the locations that I photograph. Many sites have fallen to grafitti and arson, but I Continue Reading →

Down by Law Warehouse


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The morning was an early one, 6am to be exact, the group met at the Burger Clowns House to drive into the city to a warehouse that a friend suggested. Continue Reading →

House of Love and Unity


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The summer of ’89 was the last year of operation for this beauty. She spans acres of cabins, recreation centers, and a spring fed lake. 23 years haven’t been kind Continue Reading →

Pripyat: Come Dancing


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This set,┬ástill in the town square, moving from the government building to something a little lighter life in Pripyat. We travel through the disco club, a small movie screening house, Continue Reading →