Papa Legba Rule 63


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Of all the rules put out on the internet, Rule 63 is one of the favorites for photographers. Rule 63 is like an alternate world where male characters are female Continue Reading →

By the Power of Greyskull II


I was asked for a little history on this hospital, I do not usually name the locations that I photograph. Many sites have fallen to grafitti and arson, but I Continue Reading →

The Hospital of Teeth


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I have been to this psychiatric hospital more times than I can remember. I will be breaking down this old girl into different albums to prevent system overload, lol. This Continue Reading →

You are My Rock State Hospital


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Construction began in 1927 on a 600-acre rural campus, initially had 5,768 beds. With a working farm, its own power plant and industrial shops staffed by patients who manufactured everything Continue Reading →

Train Me to Care Hospital


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When it opened in 1917, the merged institution had 402 students in residence. By 1932, the resident population had grown to 1,070. During the depression¬†and World War II, demand for Continue Reading →

Which ‘Wich is Which, Part I


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  In October, 1904 when the hospital first opened, it held ninety-five patients and was a single building. The facility quickly outgrew its meager beginnings, and by fall of 1905, Continue Reading →